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Fight to Fame is the only dream factory in the world to create action stars.

The world unique business model
Fight to Fame BMS

Regardless of language, regions, or culture,

Athletes from all over the world can show off their strength on the stage of Fight to Fame, and become a combatant hero. Through Fight to Fame’s exclusive platform, allow people who dream of becoming the boxing champion and international action superstars, just like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dwayne Johnson, Jet Li and other international action superstars, have the opportunity to enter Hollywood and become a new generation of international action stars.

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Fight to Fame BMS.

Fully utilizes the decentralized voting mechanism from blockchain technology to achieve and create movies, sport events, action star reality shows, and online gambling, which is also to create ten major achievements in the global cryptocurrency industry.

Over a million of investors, users, and fans

The only project that achieved the largest number of users and fans, and has the greatest industry’s influence in the global cryptocurrency industry before listing.

Fight to Fame successfully signed a contract with a famous Hollywood film company

which will fill the gap of the history of Hollywood action movies that directly played by the boxing champions.

The private pre-sale of FF tokens was completely sold out within 16 months.

In some countries and regions, the tokens were sold out within 7 days. The price of FF token has increased by 3233% over the same pre-sale period. Before listing, it was recorded the shortest private pre-sale time, and the fastest value growth in the global cryptocurrency industry. It has more than doubled the 1500% increase in Bitcoin over the same period. It is called “The Second Bitcoin” by many investors in many countries and regions.

Fight to Fame fully utilizes the decentralized voting mechanism of blockchain technology to create a successful model for the application scenarios of people and movies, and people and sport events.

FF token have created action star reality shows, ticket exchanges for various sports events (boxing championships, football leagues, etc.), and the circulation and application of online and offline entertainment games.

FF token uses blockchain technology to create and achieve a Fight to Fame BMS ecosystem.

The world-renowned technical team and legal experts establish a comprehensive encryption, security wealth protection and non-tamperable technology security to users around the world.
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Fight to Fame Panama Fund received an investment cooperation of 1.5 billion USD from the Latin American industry giants.

It created the largest entertainment project investment and financing cooperation in the global cryptocurrency industry. For users and players around the world who invested FF tokens, it achieves the exchange between tokens and chips in Fight to Fame wallet for entertainment games. It provides a strong guarantee for users to redeem the profit.

Fight to Fame BMS cooperates with the world's number one entertainment game platform. Enable users and players who own FF tokens around the world to achieve circulation and settlement on 24-hour entertainment gaming platform.

Fight to Fame BMS online mall authorized cooperative retail industry (supermarkets, gas stations, etc.), FF token’s users and players around the world who hold Visa and MasterCard , achieve consumption, circulation and settlement.

The original business model of Fight to Fame BMS The original business model of Fight to Fame BMS was rated as the most successful and profitable entertainment project in the future cryptocurrency industry by Harvard University and well-known investment institutions in some countries.

Fight to Fame BMS cooperates with the world's number one entertainment game platform

The estimated value of Fight to Fame have exceeded 30 billion U.S. dollars before it is listed, which created its FF token, prior to its listing, having been ranked the top 10 among over 10 thousands tokens in the global cryptocurrency industry. After its public listing, F2F’s market value should be expected to exceed 300 billion U.S. dollars.

Core Team Members

Carlos Kremer

The Number 1 Cage Announcer in the World, “The Roaring Lion”

Global Media Ambassador Fight to Fame BMS

Andres Hurtado

Famous TV Host and Philanthropist

Media Ambassador of Fight to Fame BMS Action Star Reality Show - Peru

Fernando Carrillo

Latin American Film TV Superstar

Chairman of Fight to Fame BMS Mexico

Teca Thompson

World Super Model

Public Announcer of Fight to Fame BMS

Stan J. Larimer

The GodFather of Blockchain

Chairman of Fight to Fame BMS Blockchain Technology Committee