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Who we are?

The Combination of IMPOSSIBLE: Portable Resort + Portable Bank
Friends, How did Fight to Fame BMS, in the global

cryptocurrency industry, and with the exclusive use of blockchain technology, invent a unique profit model for movies + events?

And how did we achieve the relationship between people and movies, and people and sporting events.

How has it been assessed by Investment Institutions and also Harvard University as the most successful and profitable entertainment project over the next ten years.

What we do?

Fight to Fame BMS; regardless of race, language, or culture.
BMS as the light of the three torches illuminates the cities and corners of many countries. Everyone is invited!

What we do?​

Athletes from all over the world can show off their strength on the stage of Fight to Fame action star reality show, and become a battle hero. They can use the exclusive stage of Fight to Fame to fulfill their dreams to have a career like Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Dwayne Johnson, and Jet Li, who are international superstars that have the opportunity to walk on the Hollywood red carpet. Fight to Fame is the only dream factory in the world to create action stars.

Why us?

Intro about Fight to Fame project

1. Harvard University has rated our Fight to Fame BMS as the most successful and profitable entertainment project over the next 10 years
2. FF Tokens was rated not only by Harvard University as the most profitable and successful project in the next ten years, but also by many investors who labeled it the “ The Second Bitcoin”.
3. Fight to Fame BMS has successfully cooperated with the world’s strongest, most influential, and highest user-ranked online gaming platform, EVO.

Core Team Members

José M. Ramírez

Fight to Fame BMS Global Technical Committee Director

Fight to Fame BMS Chairman of the Board of Directors of Costa Rica

Carlos Kremer

The Number 1 Cage Announcer in the World, “The Roaring Lion”

Global Media Ambassador Fight to Fame BMS

Andres Hurtado

Famous TV Host and Philanthropist

Media Ambassador of Fight to Fame BMS Action Star Reality Show - Peru

Fernando Carrillo

Latin American Film TV Superstar

Chairman of Fight to Fame BMS Mexico

Teca Thompson

World Super Model

Public Announcer of Fight to Fame BMS