FIGHT TO FAME-The Future Foreseer

The Combination of IMPOSSIBLE: Portable Resort + Portable Bank
We use blockchain technology to create an E-Wallet with both online entertainment and online banking system.

700+ of games to let you play anytime and anywhere; to bring sweets to you. 30+ times increase of FF Coin within 13 months to hold the value better than a bank, and to have financial potentials more than Bitcoin; to bring bitters from you.

We will release Fight to Fame Action Star Reality Show, online store, movies, sports, events, and more in the near future, stay tuned!
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BMS Model

BMS provides a perfect platform for producing action movies. Fan’s vote on their favorite champions and participate in choosing the next action heroes. The FF Token empowers fans to directly purchase tickets to Fight to Fame events and gain access to exclusive VIP offers through the online platform.

Core Team Members

José M. Ramírez

Fight to Fame BMS Global Technical Committee Director

Fight to Fame BMS Chairman of the Board of Directors of Costa Rica

Carlos Kremer

The Number 1 Cage Announcer in the World, “The Roaring Lion”

Global Media Ambassador Fight to Fame BMS

Andres Hurtado

Famous TV Host and Philanthropist

Media Ambassador of Fight to Fame BMS Action Star Reality Show - Peru

Fernando Carrillo

Latin American Film TV Superstar

Chairman of Fight to Fame BMS Mexico

Teca Thompson

World Super Model

Public Announcer of Fight to Fame BMS