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Fight to Fame BMS action star reality show
Boxer or professional athletes in other sports competitions, usually will be defined as old athletes after the age of 30. It means that they are facing the end of their career and the stage of retirement. Leaving the stage of boxing is losing the stage of dream. It is giving active and retired athletes an pressure to find new opportunities and platforms. All the global action movie stars are mainly transform from athletes, Dwayne Johnson is the champion of the World Wrestling Federation; Jason Statham is a professional diving athlete; Jet Li is a Chinese all-around martial art Champion;…Fight to Fame BMS believes that action star does not need to maintain high-intensity confrontation because acting as a career will extend their commercial value.

The well-known Chinese movie investor, Founder of Fight to Fame BMS, Morgan, think that these action stars who are loved by their fans in the global movie field has entered their aging stage, and there is not much new action stars. It is necessary to give dreams and hopes to athletes, boxing champions, and champions of other sport competitions around the world.

Donnie Yen, who is a martial arts champion, has successfully transformed at his age of 45 through a movie, called “IP Man 3”. Fight to Fame Founding chairman, Morgan, were the chief producer who invested and filmed the action movie “IP Man 3”. He specially invited the battle hero within the range of global athletes – world boxing champion, Mike Tyson, to star in “IP Man 3”. The 3 minutes video of the fighting scene between Mike Tyson and Donnie Yen in the movie has more than a billion views on various social media around the world. It makes the movie ranked in the first place in the Chinese action movie playback list. It also created a box office miracle in 156 countries and regions. The action star, Donnie Yen, has entered the pinnacle of his career. After the global release of “IP Man 3”, the box office, word-of-mouth and influence became the first win of Morgan’s original business model.
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Fight to Fame BMS is using its original business model through blockchain technology to create Fight to Fame BMS action star reality show. It achieves to solve the relationship between people and movies, and provides an opportunity to all outstanding athletes, champions, boxers from various competitions, to enter their dream stage. Creating and cultivating new generation of action stars is the foundation concept for Morgan to start Fight to Fame BMS. Mike Tyson, as a professional boxer, becomes a world-renowned boxing champion through his own legend. The most powerful proof of the success of Fight to Fame BMS’s investment movie + sport events is the case of Mike Tyson starred in “ IP Man 3” because of Morgan.
The number one Cage Announcer in the world “ The Roaring Lion”, Carlos Kremer, is the global media ambassador of Fight to Fame BMS. He said that “Fight to Fame BMS is always the dream stage of all athletes in the world. It will give aspiring athletes the opportunity to enter Hollywood.” — Carlos.
Roy Jones Jr., the World boxing champion, who has the reputation of speed king on stage, has personally become the chairman of tournament committee of Fight to Fame BMS. He said that “ I hope all athletes, boxers, champions around the world can join Fight to Fame BMS like I do.” — Roy Jones Jr.
Athletes and well-known competition organizations in Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Asia, and other countries and regions are looking forward to communicate and cooperate with Fight to Fame BMS action star reality show.