The Latest News Bulletin of Fight To Fame BMS Organizing Committee

October 9, 2021


At the special invitation of the Money 20/20 Organizing

Fight to Fame BMS will attend the world’s top Money Expo with the largest global influence, the highest position in the industry, and the most extensive coverage.

The specially invited companies attending this Expo are: Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung, IBM, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Bank of America, HSBC, Coinbase, Visa, MasterCard, etc., nearly 100 of the most successful and representative global companies.

Fight to Fame BMS technology project in the field of digital economy, as the world’s only cryptocurrency FF Token this kond, uses blockchain technology to create a decentralized voting mechanism to realize the model and application scenarios of people and movies, people and events. The wallet developed by Fight to Fame BMS realizes the digital currency 4.0 technology platform of FF token in movies, sport events, action star reality shows, online stores, online gaming, and other aspects of the entire line of circulation, consumption and settlement. It has been assessed by well-known investment institutions in many countries, as well Harvard University as: FF token issued by the Fight to Fame BMS is the most successful and profitable entertainment project for the future. It is therefore being invited to participate in the Global Money Expo as a representative of the crypto industry.

Since many well-known institutional investors who participate in the Expo learned of the attendance of Fight to Fame BMS, they wish to be able to subscribe FF tokens during the summit. As the FF token private placement has been sold out 100%, and with its imminent global listing approaching, the FF token subscription quota has been capped before its listing. Fight to Fame BMS Organizing Committee held a special meeting to meet the demand, who has decided to allow a limited purchase of 100 FF tokens per person to those institutional investors attending this global event, for the first 1,000 subscribers only.

Fight to Fame BMS Organizing Committee

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