Carlos Kremer, the host of the world’s No. 1 cage announcer and Fight to Fame BMS Global Media Ambassador, accepted an exclusive interview with FightBook MMA. (Part 2)

March 22, 2021


The Roaring Lion Of BRAVE COMBAT FEDERATION, Carlos Kremer(@theroaringlioncarloskremer) earned FightBook MMA’s #1 Cage Announcer in the World Award for 2020! This is the fourth year (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020) in a row that Kremer, a former highly decorated US Marine Corps Captain with two Navy Achievement Medals for Honor and Valor, has won FightBook MMA’s coveted award. Kremer, who WOWS audiences all over the world with his Intensity, Delivery, and Performance as the Voice of BRAVE COMBAT FEDERATION is one of a kind MC that is considered a show within a show. His years in the business, magnetic personality combined with his true care for the future of MMA makes Kremer very unique in our sport.

Carlos Kremer is the Global Media Ambassador for Fight to Fame BMS. Fight To Fame provides a “once in a lifetime” opportunity to global competitors to compete to become belt-holding Fight to Fame Champions. Top competitors will earn the right to participate in the Fight To Fame Action Star Reality Show.

Kremer sat down with the CEO of FightBook MMA Roberto Villa to talk about his role with Fight to Fame. Check out Part 2 of the conversation below.

Roberto: How’s it working with the owner of Fight To Fame Dr. Morgan and the rest of the staff?

Carlos: Working with a great mind like Dr. Morgan is straight out amazing. He’s an incredibly accomplished billionaire that was honored as the top film producer of the year in China in 2015, and one of the leading entrepreneurs in China as well. He also has made a huge name for himself in Hollywood films as well and has already created the blueprint for success. He is a phenomenal leader, one of a kind who inspires to no end with an electric personality and elevates all those around him to greater heights. I call him a prophet because he has made predictions on the financial forecast of nations like China and the USA and has been 100% accurate. His financial brilliance is so valued that the elite Cambridge University has him speak to the students regularly and he is on a mission to change the world and give back by helping us all leave our legacy in this life. His staff is exemplary, leaving no stone unturned and every detail and wish of his is carried out to perfection. I’ve become so close to the entire team including Fight to Fame Chairman Tim Smythe who has won two Emmy Awards before joining the team. They are a joy to work with and I’m proud to call them all family as they treat Teca and myself so incredibly well. We are truly blessed to be part of their cutting-edge team and the future is unlimited.

Roberto: Can you tell us more about Fight To Fame’s tokens? What is this all about?

Carlos: Fight to Fame has such a unique concept and this all revolves around the FF token. One can use the token to invest, where we started at 30 cents per share only about one year ago and is now sold out at 10 dollars per share. We expect the token to launch like a rocket and go thru the roof when we go public and that is truly exciting and reminiscent of the Bitcoin days which created Billionaires. You can also bet on your favorite fighters with the FF Token, gamble by playing any casino game, or buy products and services. Especially with the worldwide pandemic and the outbreak of Covid-19 people don’t want to handle physical currency any longer because it is a health hazard. As the token grows your wealth grows and in the immediate future one will be able to purchase cars, pay for tuition and education and even buy a home using the FF Token.

Roberto: What can the fans expect in the near future with Fight To Fame with everything they have going on?

Carlos: The fans are the ones that will be the true winners with Fight to Fame. Huge sporting events in mixed martial arts and boxing are coming soon. Major worldwide superstars are joining the team and excited about the future. Movies and reality shows are being developed to bring the world together and prosper. National Heroes will be honored and Countries are standing in line to work with us and showcase their great people and nations. It’s truly one exciting time.

Roberto: Carlos, I don’t want to take too much of your time. I really appreciate the opportunity to be able to talk to you again. Any shout-outs you want to give the floor is yours.

Carlos: Thanks again Roberto the pleasure is mine. First I’d like to thank you for giving me this award for four consecutive years, it’s a privilege to work with FightBook MMA as you continue to produce quality 24/7 coverage of combat sports with journalistic brilliance. I’d like to give a shout-out to His Highness Sheik Khaled and Brave CF President Mohammed Shahid for believing in me since day one and giving me the freedom to incorporate my style into our shows. I’d like to thank Dr. Morgan of Fight to Fame for not only his brilliance and leadership but for truly caring about the success of all of those who work around him. I’d like to thank my family, my wife Teca who has supported my dreams since day 1 with love and respect, and hard work while I travel to the world to leave my legacy for all of us. I want to thank my High School, Crespi Carmelite that showed me the way to be a man of honor and integrity. Last, of all, I want to thank my kids, who inspire me to the end of time to lead, love, and show them the way to secure their future. And last of all thank you to our amazing fighters worldwide who sacrifice everything they have day after day in pursuit of their dreams. Now with Fight to Fame we have that blueprint for success for us all to follow and make an impact on our lives forever.

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