Fight to Fame Digital Currency Exchange Important Note

F2F Exchange

The main goal of the Fight to Fame digital currency exchange investment is: for Fight to Fame BMS sports players, events, action star reality shows, regardless of ethnic languages and national boundaries, to generate a new generation of boxing champions, appear in Hollywood action movies, have the opportunity Become a new generation of Hollywood international […]

Fight to fame BMS recruitment notice

F2F Hollywood

The Fight to fame BMS Organizing Committee now plans to prepare for listing as soon as the epidemic is under control. Now we are recruiting and seeking partners as follows: Requirements: For Fight to fame original blockchain + film + sports model, the professionals who are pursuing and have ideals and aspirations, and are passionate […]

Cryptokids Special Announcement about Changing Names


Dear Users:   CRYPTOKIDS EXCHANGE has been officially changed to FIGHT2FAME EXCHANGE, Fight to Fame Exchange’s new domain is:   Fight to Fame Exchange’s official website is now in development, in the few days when changing the domain, there might be some situations, it’s quite normal.   Thanks for everyone’s cooperation, meanwhile please let […]

What has Fight to Fame BMS brought to you in the global outbreak?


First, I would like to ask: What do you want to get? The global outbreak has reached 212 countries and regions, and has been both deep and extensive. There is no doubt that the regeneration of the traditional supply chain has been broken, and whomever depends on its development will perish. The cutting edge technology […]

New presentation


Measure with footsteps Discover with eyes Restore the truth Explore the origin John The Rebel Bring you the perspective of America under pandemic “The U.S Rebel “ 2020.05.08 The Fight to Fame BMS official website is launching soon. Fight to Fame BMS social media accounts have gone public. COMING SOON!  

Fight to Fame BMS and China WLF: North American Campus Event Action Star Reality Show “Fight to Fame Event Supermodel” Selection Starts


Fight to Fame BMS and China’s most famous event organization “Wulin Feng” jointly select “Fight to Fame Event Supermodel” on campus of North American universities. The Fight to Fame BMS program and the Chinese WLF will host the world-famous world boxing championship events and world-renowned action star reality show in over 20 countries and regions […]

Fight to Fame BMS was rated by Harvard Blockchain Lab as the most successful project in the cryptocurrency industry

Harvard Logo

A special report from Harvard University’s official website on April 23: How Cryptocurrency and Entertainment Industries Such As Gaming and TV/Streaming Work. Really Well Together. Fight to Fame BMS action star reality show FF token, citing blockchain decentralized voting mechanism to completely realize the relationship between people and events, people and movies in the cryptocurrency […]