Chinese New Year: You are the best, the latest news of Fight to Fame in Chinese new year

February 15, 2021

bull year

First, the Fight to Fame organizing committee celebrated the Chinese Lunar New Year and held a new year celebration event “Chinese New Year, You Are the Best” with our partners from more than ten countries and regions.

Second, 2021 Chinese Lunar New Year EVO & Fight to Fame Online Tournament 50,000 US Grand Prix’s (Participants are limited to internal teams and VIP guests) player, Morgan, won 400 USD on the first day with only a value of 60 USD of FF tokens. Then, he used 400 USD to break. up the whole into pieces. After a day off, he used the given value of 60 USD of FF tokens to bet heavily and won more than 4,000 US dollars in less than one hour.

Third, Fight to Fame online live broadcast in China Special invitation: “World supermodel celebrated the Chinese New Year: I love to eat Chinese dumplings.” Recently, it has been specially broadcasted among our fans in China, which is about more than 65 million fans. The live is hosted by Teca Thompson(@tecathompson), the world’s supermodel and Fight to Fame global press spokesperson, Carlos Kremer, the number 1 Cage Announcer in the world and Fight to Fame BMS global media ambassador, Tim Smithe, Two-time Emmy award winner and Chairman of Fight to Fame BMS global operation committee, and May Smithe, the Fight to Fame branding ambassador who used to be branding ambassador for Google. They celebrated the Chinese Lunar New Year in the “Chinese New Year: You are the best” event and wish our Chinese fans a happy new year.

Fourth, the Fight to Fame action star reality show and the EVO “Fight to Fame” Million Dollars Grand Prix: Simultaneously and officially start to make arrangements with five countries and will be involving four cultural languages.

Fifth, Fight to Fame BMS successfully registered an online entertainment gaming license.

Sixth, the unique business model: Blockchain + Movie + Sporting event of Fight to Fame BMS has legally registered the intellectual property rights in over hundreds of countries and regions.

Fight to Fame BMS Organizing Committee
February 15th, 2021

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bull year

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