Fight to Fame BMS Online Forum Summit "What is the Most Profitable Investment"

The pandemic has seriously affected every corner of each country and city around the world. Fighting against the pandemic has become the common goal of human’s destiny. The traditional economy and digital economy are like two trains running on their own tracks, where the traditional one runs into big trouble, especially on people’s life, survival, living, and employment. It impacts real hard. Humans have lost not only time, but also the opportunity to gain wealth. Whether it is the traditional economy or the digital economy, what does it bring to everyone in the post-pandemic era? Is it a threat? Is it a hazard? Is it a disaster? Or safety, wealth, creativity? Or a new job opportunity?
As the epidemic swept the world, the traditional economies and digital economies suddenly showed a strong k-shaped counter-cyclical character, acting as “shock absorbers” and “stabilizers” in the face of crisis. How can we build an immune mechanism for the global economy?
Earning freedom of wealth plays an irreplaceable role in everyone’s life, survival, employment, development, and even in the fight against the epidemic. In earning freedom of wealth, how to take the opportunity of the golden key of the emergence and development of the digital economy to your hands, to open the gate of wealth today for everybody through the Fight to Fame online forums. Fight to Fame BMS is willing to share the success cases in terms of online forums “ what is the most profitable investment” summit.