FF Token is going to be the SECOND SUN in Crypto apart from Bitcoin

January 26, 2021

Token price

The pre-sale of FF tokens issued globally by the well-known Fight to Fame BMS action star reality show has sold out within 13 months (see the FF token price increase chart for details). The price has risen from 0.3USDT/FFT to 10USDT/FFT in the OTC market. The increase is as high as 3323%. It is worth to mention that after Fight to Fame BMS and Evolution Gaming, a listed company with the highest industry status and a market value of over 10 billion USD in the global online entertainment and gaming industry, successfully signed. FF token rose from 6USDT/FFT to 10USDT/FFT in less than three months. The increase is 66.6%. It is called “the second sun beside Bitcoin in the global cryptocurrency industry” by institutional investors and investment representatives in many countries.

In particular, after Fight to Fame and the listed company signed a contract, FF token in Fight to Fame Wallet can be used as a personal wealth asset and converted to chips for entertainment, and redeemed to USDT. This successful model has realized circulation and settlement of FF tokens. After the cooperation between the two parties, we are confident that the global listing price of FF tokens is expected to exceed 200USD/piece.

In less than two years, Fight to Fame BMS became famous worldwide with more than 100 million fans and users. It has been rated as the most successful and most return on investment in digital assets by famous investment institutions in some countries and regions and Harvard University.

In the same period as Bitcoin, the FF tokens issued by Fight to Fame BMS in the OTC market rose by 3323% in 13 months. Bitcoin increased by 1000% in 10 months. In less than 10 months, its market value rose from 80 billion USD to nearly 800 billion USD. It creates a precedent for gold wealth in nearly a century of return in investment. Well-known investment representatives and experts in many countries believe that the opportunity to buy Bitcoin has been missed in the past, and the opportunity to hold FF tokens can no longer be lost. FF tokens are the golden key to open the door to wealth.

Fight to Fame BMS Committee

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Token price

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