Fight to Fame BMS and China WLF: North American Campus Event Action Star Reality Show “Fight to Fame Event Supermodel” Selection Starts

April 30, 2020


Fight to Fame BMS and China’s most famous event organization “Wulin Feng” jointly select “Fight to Fame Event Supermodel” on campus of North American universities. The Fight to Fame BMS program and the Chinese WLF will host the world-famous world boxing championship events and world-renowned action star reality show in over 20 countries and regions in the next three years. The creation of the boxing champion and action star reality show will have a great influence in the global industry.

The Fight to Fame BMS and China Wulin Feng jointly launched the preparatory organizing committee. According to Eric, the vice deputy director of the preparatory committee, this time, the most influential with the highest position in the global cryptocurrency Fight to Fame event action star reality show and China Number One event organization Wu Linfeng will inevitably form a boom in the field of global events. Therefore, the first round of event supermodels in North America that will demonstrate the spirit of Fight to Fame.

Chinese WLF director Mark Du also introduced China WLF as the most influential sports event agency in the country with 17-year history and 70 million spectators in China, which once took China’s sportsmanship and a group of young fighting champions to more than 34 countries and regions to host the boxing championship. “This time it is an honour to co-organize the global competition with Fight to Fame BMS, and look forward to the selection of a number of culturally qualitative supermodels to be selected simultaneously in Asia and North America, showing the Chinese spirit to the world.”

The Supermodel Jury for this North American event received World Number 1 Cage Announcer, Fight to Fame BMS Global Media Ambassador Carlos Kremer, World Supermodel, Fight to Fame BMS Spokesperson Teca Tompson and Fight to Fame BMS Global Event Committee Chairman World Boxing Champion: Roy Jones Jr., Rigan Machado,Cung Le, Kina Martida’s enthusiastic participation.

This time for the contestants, the organizing committee designated to register on Fight to Fame BMS official website:

Fight to Fame BMS, China Wulin Feng North America Supermodel Selection Organizing Committee
Contact: Eric Ding
Phone: +1 6265425245

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