Fight to Fame BMS created three unprecedented corporate miracles in just one year!

March 10, 2021

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In 2019, Fight to Fame BMS was resolutely born in the global cryptocurrency industry. Today, Fight to Fame BMS has been highly recognized by many professional investment institutions in the global cryptocurrency industry, and has been evaluated as “after Bitcoin, the second sun of cryptocurrency”. And all these fruitful results are attributed to the three unprecedented corporate miracles created by BMS in a short period of one year in 2020:

A year ago, our global social media user fans were “0”, we only had dark clouds and no blue sky; a year later, our global social media users had more than 100 million fans, and we had the splendor that was exclusive to the Fight to Fame sunlight.

A year ago, there were less than 50 customers investing and cooperating with us; one year later, more than 500 customers were investing and cooperating with us, and Fight to Fame BMS has been legally registered in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

In just one year in 2020, the FF tokens issued by us have increased by 3233% in 13 months. The current price is 10USDT/one, and the pre-sale tokens have been exhausted. In addition, BMS’s original “blockchain + movie + sports event” in the global cryptocurrency industry has won the cooperation of well-known investment institutions in more than ten countries. At the same time, the application scenarios of the issued FF Token have also been a good experience.

These three groundbreaking corporate miracles created the success of Fight to Fame BMS today and proved the rise of Fight to Fame BMS in the global cryptocurrency. All of this is inseparable from the unremitting efforts of all members of the team, the golden power of the three words BMS, and the golden value created by FF tokens. Fight to Fame BMS will allow every customer, friend, and family member who supports us to open the door to their own wealth!

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F2F News picture

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