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July 20, 2020


Fight to Fame BMS has achieved unprecedented development in realizing the business model of people and movies. The Fight to Fame Film Committee has not only obtained the successful model of the Fight to Fame film committee from the registration of global athletes, competitions, action star reality shows, and Hollywood action movies that are invested in Fight to Fame. It has won the recognition of many famous Hollywood film institutions, producers, directors, and stars. At the same time, it has also won the strong willingness to cooperate with the number one boxing champion in Vietnam and Hollywood action stars.

Cung Le has loved sports since he was a child. He has won many world champions on behalf of Vietnam and has successfully appeared in many action movies with good reputation. He not only loves sports and movies, but also loves to cooperate with Fight to Fame BMS. Philip, a famous Hollywood film producer, director, CLS chairman, and Fight to Fame film committee president, represented Fight to Fame film and cooperated with Cung Le.

Fight to Fame BMS and Cung Le, a famous Hollywood action star and Vietnam’s number one battle hero, formally signed a contract to invest in the first action movie (“Target”), with a total investment of approximately US$10 million. The movie “Target” has received great help from the Vietnamese government, including the national military, as well as the support of Cung Le’s many boxing fans and movie audiences in Vietnam and Hollywood.

Cung Le said deeply: I want to thank the Fight to Fame stage, which not only brought me a platform for the development of future movies, but also allowed me to become a world champion through competitions as an ordinary athlete and to Hollywood. Develop into a famous action star. Fight to Fame also gave me opportunities and challenges for success. Philip, a well-known Hollywood film producer, director, and Fight to Fame film committee president, highly praised Cung Le as one of the few outstanding boxing champions in the world, as well as a very outstanding action star. I am very happy to formally include the action movie “Target” in our Fight to Fame movie investment plan through cooperation.

Fight to Fame BMS

July 18, 2020

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