Fight to Fame BMS Race Committee Special Announcement

July 20, 2020

F2F Hollywood

Fight to Fame BMS’s unique profit model in the world, from sports players signing up, participating in Fight to Fame events, action star reality shows, starring in Hollywood action movies, this has received nearly 100 million athletes from more than 10 countries and regions around the world sign up actively. This includes about 65 million athletes from China. Currently, due to the impact of the global epidemic, the Fight to Fame Event Committee has suspended preparations for the event.

To this end, Dennis, President of Fight to Fame BMS Competition Committee and WCK Chairman, said: Due to the large number of registered athletes and the wide distribution of countries and regions, the registration of 65 million athletes from China has been suspended. Registrations for Philippine and Vietnamese players are currently being prepared.

Hereby notified.

Fight to Fame BMS Organizing Committee

July 18, 2020

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F2F Hollywood

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