Fight To Fame BMS Rated by Harvard University Again As the Leading Vane in Industry

August 25, 2020

fight to fame harvard

Fight To Fame BMS action star reality show originally created its model using blockchain technology, in the global cryptocurrency industry : blockchain + movies + sports; this model is rapidly rising within the industry: in less than a year, there has been more than 100 million users from countries and regions that cooperate with Fight To Fame globally. The decentralized voting mechanism has been used for the profit model that realizes the relationships between people and events, and between people and movies; this model has been greatly loved by world-renowned investment institutions, boxing fans and movie fans . In particular, the price of FF token, issued by Fight To Fame, has soared 700% in the over-the-counter market, and the FF token has been rated as the most rewarding and the most successful blockchain entertainment project in the future by the Harvard University Blogs: Foundation Of Education and investment institutions of various countries.
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Fight To Fame logo, Harvard Blogs
Recently, there has been an announcement on the official website of Harvard University Law School and in the blue sky of the cryptocurrency field: Fight To Fame BMS has successfully signed contract with the world’s number one entertainment platform, and the FF token was priced at $10 per token by this platform before it is listed; its circulation and settlement on this platform has created a miracle in the industry, and the valuation of Fight To Fame BMS action star reality show project was estimated at more than 10 billion US dollars; it is worth mentioning that the two partners are confident that the price of FF token will exceed $200 per token after it is listed globally. The cooperation mode between the two parties has received great wishes to cooperate from users and agents in more than ten countries and regions. The Harvard University Law School praised this successful model as: “BMS is leading the trend of cryptocurrency and that of the entertainment industry.”
Fight To Fame logo, Harvard University Law School logo
At present, as the global epidemic has broken out, Fight To Fame BMS Committee believes that the future cryptocurrency market will completely move towards a variety of online purchases, online conversations, and live broadcasts as the main market. Fight To Fame seized the opportunity and produced all-out preparations and creations: Fight To Fame has started online live-streaming, including Fight To Fame in Korea, Fight To Fame in Japan, Fight To Fame in Taiwan, Fight To Fame in Hong Kong, Fight To Fame in Singapore, Fight To Fame in Thailand, Fight To Fame in Mexico, Fight To Fame in Peru, Fight To Fame in South Africa, Fight To Fame in Middle East, Fight To Fame in Australia, Fight To Fame in France, and Fight To Fame in China; live-streaming broadcasts using different languages of more than 20 countries and regions will continue to be updating after September.

At the 2020 celebrity gala held by Sina Weibo, Fight To Fame Movies is the “Top 100 video account on Weibo”
@Fight To Fame Movies was ranked on the top ten movie channels on the whole platform.

Meanwhile, Fight To Fame BMS FF token fully uses the technology of the blockchain to replace the contemporary WeChat and Alipay QR code with Fight To Fame FF token QR code and to use the Fight To Fame FF token as the settlement method at checkout in all shops in relevant region, with the encouragement and active cooperation of the relevant nations and regional governments. In the same city shops centered on the exchange, as well as a number of supermarkets, gas stations, pharmacies, hotels, etc., technical tests will be conducted. To completely realize third-party financial management for the consumer group that becomes the investment group, the investment profit generated by holding the FF token in the Fight To Fame FF wallet greatly guarantees the love for FF token by majority of consumers and the enthusiasm for generation of income. Once the circulation and consumption of FF tokens have been tested successfully, the circulation of FF tokens will be fully promoted in countries that support cryptocurrencies around the world.

Fight to Fame BMS Committee

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fight to fame harvard

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