Fight to fame BMS recruitment notice

June 13, 2020

F2F Hollywood

The Fight to fame BMS Organizing Committee now plans to prepare for listing as soon as the epidemic is under control. Now we are recruiting and seeking partners as follows:

Requirements: For Fight to fame original blockchain + film + sports model, the professionals who are pursuing and have ideals and aspirations, and are passionate about digital currency.
CEO of Fight to fame BMS Global Operations Committee
Have more than two years of experience in blockchain, cryptocurrency.
In many international blockchain conferences, he has given speeches as special guests many times.
In the field of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, digital currency and blockchain media have extensive connections and certain influence.
Engaged in early stage private and public fundraising for cryptocurrency projects, and has experience and successful cases in the entire listing process.

The founding chairman of the digital currency exchange
Has rich experience and wisdom in the technical development of the exchange, technical security and platform operation and maintenance.
Has unique insights and ideas on the development of the exchange, and has a certain influence and network relationship in the field of the exchange.
It can be an individual form or the entire team.
Founding Chairman of Global Brand Promotion
Has extensive experience and resources in global mainstream media, blockchain media, television media, streaming media, and social media.
Has rich wisdom in brand and market promotion and planning.
Has a strong speaking ability and a strong creative standard.

Fight to fame BMS Organizing Committee


Mobile: +1 213 705 7491

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