Fight to Fame BMS teamed up with the Beijing Boxing Association, WBBU to prepare for the Chinese boxing champion competition

April 24, 2020

Fight to fame stadium

Fight to Fame BMS and strategic partners Beijing Boxing Association and China’s well-known event organization WBBU are making full preparations for registration, training, competitions, action star reality shows in China,generating a new generation of boxing champions and appearing in Hollywood action movies . Fight to Fame BMS will train Beijing Boxing Association and WBBU in the competition, the original concept and the unique model in the film industry, hoping to make full use of the Fight to Fame platform and Beijing Boxing Association, WBBU stage to introduce Fight to Fame Innovative mechanisms in the field of competitions to China. At the same time, China’s powerful players, through their diligent efforts, emerged fighting heroes who will go abroad and become the new generation of world champions. The Beijing Boxing Association and WBBU successfully introduced Fight to Fame BMS model to China, which symbolizes the Fight to Fame BMS and WBBU competition arena will fully display inside and outside.

Fight to Fame BMS Committee 2020.4.23

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Fight to fame stadium

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