Mainstream Media from China have revealed Fight to Fame Wallet that use blockchain technology Application Scenarios

February 15, 2021

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Recently, Bitcoin has increased in value. One of the reasons is that Tesla’s chairman Elon Musk’s
action and Twitter post has encouraged many people to buy Bitcoin, and publicly express it on
the popular social movie Clubhouse in recent days. The supporters of Bitcoin made it to soar
more than $44,000 USD, an increase of more than 1000% within 11 months. It has strengthened
the public’s trust in the consensus and investment of future cryptocurrencies.
The investment institutions and industry experts of some countries have regarded the FF token
issued by Fight to Fame as “the second sun after Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency industry”.
Investment representatives from many countries believe that they have missed the opportunity to
make a fortune by buying bitcoins and now we can no longer lose the development opportunity
of investing in FF tokens.
As the Chinese New Year arrives, the global pandemic has severely affected people’s work and
life, causing serious damage to traditional industries. However, Fight to Fame uses blockchain
technology and a voting mechanism to fully connect human and movies, human and sports. The
voting mechanism for events, people and entertainment has been fully applied. FF Token are
used as currency in entertainment, gaming, supermarkets, Shopping malls, etc. It has realized
circulation consumption and calculation. For this reason, Fight to Fame Panama organizing
committee has joined forces with Fight to Fame BMS technology company to launch the EVO &
Fight to Fame Million Dollar Tournament, if the countries meet the requirements of
cryptocurrency regulations and participant is over 18 years old. They are all welcome to join the
tournament as long as they invest $20 US dollars in FF tokens with a maximum of $420 US
dollars, the rules of the tournament are detailed in Fight to Fame official website.
The FF token issued by Fight to Fame BMS reported by mainstream media from China,
including: Media such as China Finance, China Bitcoin, BiTeWang, Self-Chain Finance, and
Yiyi have conducted special reports, and the amount of forward has reaches 4,036 times. Among
them, the relevant mainstream media reported the “Fight to Fame BMS and FF Token’s
Development”, “The Application of Fight to Fame BMS, FF Token, and Blockchain”, “The
Mastery of Fight to Fame BMS, FF Token, and Blockchain technology”, “Fight to Fame BMS
and Blockchain Involved Fields”, “The traceability of the blockchain technology mastered by
Fight to Fame”, “The field of Fight to Fame BMS, FF Token, and blockchain technology”,
“Characteristics of Fight to Fame BMS and FF Token”, “A Brief Introduction to Fight to Fame
BMS”, “The application of Fight to Fame BMS blockchain technology in the insurance field”,
“The blockchain of Fight to Fame BMS is unique”. Interviews with “Technology” have aroused
high-level attention in the investment community, the cryptocurrency industry, and the society.
Harvard University and investment institutions in some countries rated it as the most successful
and most rewarding digital asset.

Fight to Fame BMS Organizing Committee
13 Feb 2021

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