Peruvian presidential candidate delegation interviewed Fight to Fame, purchasing 20 million FF Tokens on behalf of Latin America

February 1, 2020

On November 8, 2019, Peru’s 2021 presidential candidate Andres Hurtado made a special trip from Peru to visit Fight to Fame. He received a warm reception and business content display from the Fight to Fame team and decided to purchase 20 million FF Token in one time, which officially announced that FF Token sold out in parts of Latin America.

Philippe Diaz, the famous Hollywood film producer and CEO of Fight to Fame Film Committee, gave Peruvian guests a detailed introduction to the film and television base in Hollywood, showing Peruvian people the development and leading status of Hollywood film industry and film concept, igniting the Peruvian players and boxing fans yearn for the dream of Hollywood action stars. Internationally famous coach, Fight to Fame action star reality show chairman Flex Moore officially introduced the Peruvian presidential candidate the 13th episodes of the Fight to Fame action star reality show next year, from the action players registration, qualifiers, knockouts to the finals Intertwined with creative planning and exciting competition process. It received the ardent participation and cordial praise of Peru’s 2021 presidential candidate and world famous TV producer Andres, he said.

“Being able to star in Hollywood blockbusters is the dream of everyone in our country. Fight to Fame makes their dreams possible. I am looking forward to working with Fight to Fame, I will coproduce the Fight to Fame action star reality show in Peru and carry out alpplying for the full licensing. Sports is a kind of spirit, it is a kind of responsibility. I hope that everyone in our country can participate in Fight to Fame, I hope that our country will have a new generation of champions through the reality show and they can star in Hollywood action blockbusters.”

At the same time, Presidential candidate Andres has a strong interest in FF Token, he said, “I want to use TV to promote the Fight to Fame action star FF Token to every corner of Peru, using my only four hour TV show in Peru. This program will promote Fight to Fame action reality show FF Token. In this way, when the Peruvian people put their hands on the TV, they not only touch the TV but the wealth and the future.”

Two-time Emmy award winner, Tim Simithe, chairman of the Fight to Fame Global Operations Committee, said kindly, “Fight to Fame, in my opinion, became famous without a fight. The presidential candidate delegation have great investment and cooperation enthusiasm of Fight to Fame The action star reality show FF Token, and made a special trip to purchase 20 million FF Tokens at one time. Officially announced that the FF Tokens limitation in some parts of Latin America is sold out.”

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