The theme song Fight to Fame was born, igniting the global consensus on the wealth creation of the cryptocurrency “FF Token”.

June 15, 2020

The theme song Fight to Fame

At the time of the outbreak of the global epidemic, it has brought many industries a crisis of rapid development, but the global cryptocurrency has ushered in a best time. According to incomplete statistics, the global cryptocurrency transaction volume has soared to 200% compared with last year. In mid-February this year, the trading volume exceeded USD 180 billion within 24 hours a day. This fully shows that the global cryptocurrency market has gradually formed a consensus.

Fight to Fame BMS makes full use of the decentralized voting mechanism of blockchain technology, and uses FF token to completely realize the chassis economy of the original model of people and events, people and movies, and seamlessly connect the digital economy. In less than half a year, it has successfully cooperated with ten countries and regions. The user fans have soared to nearly 100 million people. The FF token has soared to more than 300% before it is not listed, and there are rare miracles in the cryptocurrency industry. Fight to Fame BMS’s unique global profit model and application scenarios have been rated by Harvard University and many well-known investment institutions in the world as the world’s most successful and most profitable cryptocurrency project in the next ten years.

The world’s most influential investment agency ranked first in the entertainment industry intends to price the FF token to 10USDT before the FF token is listed. The determination of the price of the FF token not only allows many people in the world who hold the FF token to have the guarantee of wealth before they are listed, but also the FF token is directly circulated in events in many countries and regions,show, entertainment and online malls. This is the FF token that completely opened a new page in the global cryptocurrency field. In the global cryptocurrency industry, Fight to Fame BMS, as a weather vane and compass for future development, has emerged a unique culture, and this culture will be fully reflected in the theme song of Fight to Fame.

Fight to Fame BMS theme song: no race, no language, no borders. The lyrics are: no matter how painful or difficult you are, whether you encounter storms, difficulties or obstacles, don’t be afraid to flinch, let alone escape. We all have a special feeling, as long as you have the courage, you will stand up, because there is Fight to Fame, Fight to Fame is the eternal stage of battle heroes.

For this theme song, the Fight to Fame BMS Organizing Committee specially invited the most famous Latin American singer with a Latin American style and singing like a fire in spring. Through his singing, the theme song of Fight to Fame BMS ignited the consensus of global cryptocurrencies, and ignited the fans and movie fans of the world. No matter where you are from, how poor you are, Fight to Fame will always be your home. At the same time let the FF token of Fight to Fame enter more people who want to become wealthy. The superstar Fernando, who sings the Fight to Fame theme song, is the most powerful and influential international star of the film and television song in Latin America. He will sing the theme song of Fight to Fame in person and will be invited as the chairman of Fight to Fame LATAM.

At the same time, John Pretorius, who is known as the No.1 music king of South Africa, sang on the same stage as Michael Jackson, and once sang the golden song “I Am African” written by him for the African people, and will also sing for Fight to Fame. He hopes that through his singing, the unique emotion of Fight to Fame will enter every family in Africa and go to the world. Stay tuned!

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The theme song Fight to Fame

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