Token price adjustment announcement for the Fight to Fame BMS action star reality show

November 9, 2020

Fight to Fame News

The FF token, issued by Fight to Fame BMS action star reality show, is gradually recognized as a must-invest and must-buy product by investment institutions and investors in some of the countries and regions that support cryptocurrency.

Make money?

Some famous investment and educational institutions, such as Harvard University, have rated Fight to Fame BMS’s original model as the most successful and most rewarding digital asset of the future.

Fight to Fame’s classic economy plus digital economy’s unique application scenarios have reached 100 million users worldwide.

Online live broadcasts involve movies, sporting events, action star reality shows, entertainment games, hot news, cryptocurrency observations and investment holdings reports.

There are more than 30,000 cooperative teams and 200,000 cooperative groups with FF token as the golden key to open the door to wealth, covering 20 countries and regions.

The price of the FF token in the over-the-counter market- before it was listed – also soared to more than 700% increase.

The Fight to Fame organizing committee has decided to officially adjust the price to 10usdt/fft from November 8th onward.
The pre-sold tokens have been sold out.

As the most powerful and industry-related entertainment game platform, along with third party partners, FF Token has been fully realizing the circulation of entertainment games and the settlement for redemption (after betting generates dividends).

In the Fight to Fame Wallet, target investment crowds, entertainment game audiences and strategic partners seek the exclusive authorization for investment strategic cooperation.

The Fight to Fame organizing committee clearly stipulates that Fight to Fame BMS will only invest and cooperate in countries and regions that support cryptocurrencies.

FF tokens do not accept purchases by U.S. citizens and/or residents in the United States. Only applicable to investors in countries and regions that legally support cryptocurrency.

Fight to Fame wallet FF token exclusive chips are only open to users over 18 years of age in statutory support countries and regions that have passed KYC certification.

Fight to Fame Organizing Committee

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Fight to Fame News

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