Update on timing for Fight to Fame BMS Action Star Reality Show due to Coronavirus

March 11, 2020


Due to the Coronavirus affecting 79 countries and regions, to comply with health and epidemic prevention requirements in many countries, the launch of Fight to Fame BMS Action Star Reality TV Show, as well as our Global Fighting Events will be adjusted and postponed according to the global control of the epidemic situation, and the specific time will be notified separately.

Additionally, we are issuing a friendly reminder to everyone. Calling on global athletes, combat heroes and fans to spread the message that they must strengthen their immune systems, continue to exercise and be healthy, cherish life and fight this epidemic together. The famous Fight to Fame BMS sports events based on blockchain technology is moving forward and everyone must strengthen themselves through the stage of the Fight to Fame. We love Fight to Fame sports, We love Fight to Fame fitness, We love Fight to Fame events, We love Fight to Fame!

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