2021 Celebrate Chinese New Year EVO & Fight to Fame Company Tournament $50,000 USD Grand Prix Results

February 28, 2021

Celebrate Chinese New year


To celebrate Chinese New Year: “Year of the Ox” Online Entertainment Grand Prix
organized by Fight to Fame Panama Organizing Committee (from 0:00 on February 12,
2021 to 0:00 on February 19 (Tokyo time) ).
Fight to Fame Panama gave each player 42 tokens (exclusive chips worth up to $420
USD). Nearly 200 players were distributed in nearly 20 countries and regions. They
participated in the New Year Grand Prix and won some awards. The special
announcement of player ID and winning awards is as follows:
First place player 1: Japan: ID: 1000626
He/she used $420 USD in chips and won $23,888 USD in chips within 7 days. He’s the
top in the list.
Second place player 2: Hong Kong ID: 100034, Taiwan ID: 1000758
They used $420 USD in chips to win $4,617 USD and $4,264 USD in chips in 7 days,
and was ranked 2.
Third place player 3: Philippines ID: 100025, Mexico ID: 1000177, Costa Rica, ID:
They used $420 USD of dedicated chips to win $4179 USD, $3980 USD, $3821 USD
exclusive chips within 7 days, and ranked 3.
Among them: 8 winners were awarded for excellence, 18 were for lucky awards, and 4
were awarded for excellent creative video, distributed in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan,
Philippines, Singapore, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil,
Dubai, South Africa, Nearly 20 countries and regions, including Hong Kong and Macau,
respectively expressed their excitement and excitement about the prizes they won in the
form of videos. Fight to Fame Panama’s EVO & Fight to Fame Global Online
Entertainment Tournament Million Dollar Grand Prix was awarded to some players.
Recently, it will be broadcast simultaneously on the Fight to Fame official website and
Fight to Fame social media.
Fight to Fame BMS Organizing Committee

February 18 2021

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Celebrate Chinese New year

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