Fight to Fame Exchange Special Bulletin

September 26, 2021

F2F exchange news

In accordance with the development needs of the global listing of FF tokens of Fight to Fame BMS Technology Project, Fight to Fame Exchange will optimize the technical features for the global users to invest and subscribe to FF tokens before the global listing, and develop the ultimate security measures through providing the highest level of firewall to wealth security for the growth of digital assets after FF token’s listing. It will ensure that all investors holding FF tokens will not be attacked by hackers for their wealth of digital assets after FF token’s listing.

This optimization and updates is scheduled to be completed by Oct.31. We appreciate the full understanding and cooperation from all existing global Exchange users and FF token investors.

Fight to Fame BMS Technology Project issued FF Token’s presale has already been 100% sold out before public listing. The FF token’s value also has increased by 3233%, and the current FF Token price is 30 USDT each. The second phase of limited subscription has been fulfilled,  and in some countries and regions the price of each FF token on the OTC market has been increased to 50 USDT.

 Fight to Fame BMS committee clearly regulates this Provision: FF token will be not be accepting any investment from U.S  citizens or residents, but will be limited to only accept those ones from legally supportive countries and regions.

Fight to Fame Exchange

September 21, 2021

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F2F exchange news

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